The five-star The Cleopatra Luxury Resort Collection regularly appears in the top hotels of Sharm el-Sheikh on the portal The tourist complex is located in the windy bay of Nabq, but the rough sea does not stop tourists. Despite the fact that red flags hang on the beach until lunchtime, tourists buy tickets to Cleopatra’s hotel and come back here again. Want to know why the resort is so popular?

Past the island of Tirana to the kingdom of glorious Neptune

The first thing travelers pay attention to is the location of the five-star resort. It is built on the first line to the sea, from the windows of the rooms and from the hotel beach, a breathtaking view of the island of Tiran opens. And this is one of the best diving spots in Sharm. You can go to underwater photography directly from Cleopatra, the administration organizes boat trips to the nearest dive sites.

Tourists leave rave reviews for The Cleopatra Luxury Resort Collection and Coastal Reef. Coral paradise begins nearby, behind a wooden pier. And next to the beach there is shallow water where you can splash with children.

They take care of the hotel as if they were family

The rooms are clean, comfortable, correspond to the photos of The Cleopatra Luxury Resort Collection on the website. The furnishings are not new, but cozy and tidy. Tourists used to speak ambiguously about the work of maids. Obviously, the resort has taken the criticism into account, as in 2020 guests are praising the quality and frequency of cleaning. And cute animals – “swans”, “crocodiles” made of towels – a nice bonus from the staff of the hotel’s cleaning service.

The Cleopatra Luxury Resort Collection video shows a spacious, ennobled area. It is clean here even during the peak period, when the tourist complex is filled with vacationers. The hotel staff clean up the rubbish on a regular basis. In the reviews, tourists write that even the pool tiles are washed daily.

Room at Cleopatra

The guest will be sheltered, fed, amused

Registration and check-in are fast. If you do not fit into the hours of breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can grab a bun and coffee in the lobby bar. They will take you to your room, help you with your luggage, smile. Throughout your stay at the hotel you will meet friendly administrators, animators, waiters.

Food deserves special praise. No review of The Cleopatra Luxury Resort Collection is complete without food commentary. You won’t be surprised by the variety here, but there is enough meat, fish, side dishes, vegetables on the tables. Seafood is served daily. Everything is cooked deliciously, however, sometimes there are too spicy dishes.

A la carte restaurants can be visited free of charge, depending on the length of the stay. The menu includes Italian, Mediterranean cuisine and seafood. At the beach cafe, they serve as in a restaurant: they will bring the menu, offer drinks, serve the ordered, take away empty dishes and also smile.

The animation at the hotel is interesting and varied. Guests note that the program has been significantly updated compared to previous years. The animators are attentive, unobtrusive, taking into account the mood of the guests. Babysitting is thorough, adults can relax while the little ones play with the staff of the children’s center.

Dining at Cleopatra

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