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  • Infrastructure and things to do
  • 4 slopes of the ski resort
    • Didveli
    • Kokhta
    • Tatra
    • 25-meter
  • Excursions in Bakuriani
  • How to get there

It occupies most of the famous Borjomi Gorge and is considered a major tourist center of the municipality of the same name. The distance from Tbilisi to Bakuriani is about 200 km.

The urban-type settlement is not only the terminal station of the narrow-gauge railway connecting it and Borjomi, but also the birthplace of the popularly beloved pilot Vano, the popularly beloved hero of the picture “Only old men go to battle”.

The climate of the resort is ideal for skiing due to the absence of severe frosts: the thermometer rarely drops below -6-7 ° C. The thickness of the snow cover is quite large (sometimes it reaches 70 cm), and the number of sunny days will delight lovers of good weather. The sun sets late in Bakuriani in winter, so from morning to evening you will definitely have time to try several descents from the mountain.

Infrastructure and things to do

The peculiarity of the “pearl” of Georgia – the Bakuriani ski resort – is that tourists will be able to spend time interestingly and usefully not only in winter, but also in summer. This is due to the presence of a large number of ski slopes, unique natural attractions and ancient architectural monuments.

The town was a favorite vacation spot for representatives of the Romanov dynasty, so there is even a very beautiful royal palace dating back several centuries.

The tourist infrastructure is well developed in Bakuriani. There are numerous luxury hotels and cozy private houses for the guests of the resort. On the official website, prices in 2018 range from 100 GEL – 150 GEL to 200 GEL – 270 GEL per day. Most of the mid-range rooms have wireless Internet, TV, private bathroom, air conditioning, mini-bar. If you want to save money, stay in guest houses: the cost of living in them rarely exceeds 50 GEL per day.

Some hotels – “Edemi”, “Amadeus”, “Marinino” – delight with the presence of their own parking, an open terrace with picturesque views of the Caucasian ridge, and tennis courts. In certain hotels, for example, in “Victoria” and some others, guests will find a massage parlor, a swimming pool, a cinema and even their own stable.


4 slopes of the ski resort

True fans of fast skiing can come to Bakuriani almost any time from mid-December to mid-April. During this time, tourists will experience frequent snowfalls with light frost and descents, which will be suitable for both experienced skiers and beginners. The best month to travel to the town is February.

There are 4 ski slopes in Bakuriani, the total length of which reaches 20 km. There are cafes and ski equipment rental points near them. Inexperienced athletes can hire a certified instructor. Bakuriani slopes include:


It is the most popular trail in the resort, suitable for both amateurs and professional athletes, and is located on Sakveli Mountain. It is a three-level slope with a total slope length of 4000 m.However, if you do not feel very confident about skiing, you should not climb above the first level, the length of which is no more than 2500 m. There is a blue track, but the red and black tracks of the second and third levels are designed for those who have been improving in alpine skiing for a long time. You can climb Didveli on a three-level lift: cabins run up to the first level, a sit-down lift to the second, and a tow bar to the third. The price of a ticket, which is an admission to the track, is:

  • 5 GEL for a one-time climb up the mountain;
  • 12 GEL for three lifts;
  • 30 GEL day pass for adults and 20 GEL for young skiers (valid from 10.00 to 17.00);
  • 10 GEL evening subscription (valid from 17.00 to 22.00).

In the evening, all trails are well lit. To enter Didveli, you need to purchase a magnetic card, which you can recharge depending on your preferred descent route. You can rent skis for 10 GEL per hour or 15 GEL – 20 GEL for the whole day. Renting a snowboard will cost 25 GEL – 30 GEL per day, and instructor services will cost 30 GEL – 50 GEL per hour. Throughout the entire descent, tourists’ recreation stations with cafes are evenly placed, where local delicacies and hot mulled wine are always served.


It belongs to the category of two-level tracks. On the first level, which is 1500 m long, skiers with a minimum of experience (red slope) can easily practice. But the slope of the second level is 52 degrees with a length of 500 m, so only true alpine skiing professionals will be able to conquer such a track. Prices for vacationers here practically do not differ from Didveli.


It also belongs to the category of two-level slopes, the length of the slopes along which is equal to 500 and 1800 m. Both those who first got on skis and those who feel confident on them can try their hand at it. The peculiarity of the Tatra lies in the fact that it passes through a forest plantation. The fare for the drag lift is 1 GEL, and you can rent skis for 25 GEL per day. The instructor will control your descent for 30 GEL per hour.


This trail is perfect for training beginners in alpine skiing. There are 4 lifts here, two of which are of the drag type (fare 50 tetri), and two are sit-down (fare 1 GEL). On the 25-meter track, you can also practice snowboarding and sled down the slope. Ski rental costs 5 GEL per hour and 10 GEL – 15 GEL for the whole day. In the case of sleds, these amounts are 3 GEL and 10 GEL, respectively. Renting a snowboard will cost a little more: 10 GEL per hour and 25 GEL per day. You can take an instructor with you to the track for 25 GEL per hour for skis and 50 GEL for sleds.


Excursions in Bakuriani

If you are tired and want to take a break from intense sports, it is worth taking a guided tour of the resort and its surroundings. This will allow you to get a closer look at the history of Bakuriani.

Vacationers are advised to visit such attractions as:

  • picturesque reservoir Tabatskuri;
  • Borjomi with its unique thermal springs;
  • the ancient Timotesubani monastery of the 10th century;
  • resorts with mineral waters Tsagveri and Mitarbi;
  • the medieval citadel city of Vardzia, whose inhabitants lived in more than 250 rooms.

In Vardzia there is a temple of St. George, where the only image of the famous Queen Tamara, made during her lifetime, is kept.


How to get there

If you are wondering how to get to Bakuriani from the Georgian capital Tbilisi, this is unlikely to cause you any difficulty. This can be done as follows:

  • After landing at Tbilisi airport, order a taxi to the resort. It will cost 180 – 200 GEL. A more economical option is to use a minibus or bus. They leave from Didube metro station.
  • You can take an electric train to Borjomi, where you can change to a narrow gauge railway. Trains to Bakuriani leave twice a day, but those in a hurry can take a taxi. The fare will be 25 GEL – 30 GEL. If you do not know exactly how to get from Bakuriani to the center of Tbilisi, pay attention to this convenient way of getting around.

Bakuriani is one of the busiest Georgian ski resorts, where everything is provided for the comfort of the traveler.

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